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2 Phonomena Battery Packs
2 cable ties
1/16" allen wrench
Instruction sheet

You'll also need: 1 pair diagonal cutters

1) Unplug Phonomena BPS from wall mount transformer.
2) Unplug BPS from Phonomena.
3) Use the 1/16" allen wrench to remove the four screws that hold the BPS lid in place; remove the lid.
4) Disconnect and remove the batteries from the board, noting the direction of the red and black wires.
5) Cut the cable ties to free the battery packs, noting the position of the "nut" of the cable ties. Remove the old battery packs.
6) Place the new battery packs one on top of the other, laying flat, and secure them to the chassis with the two cable ties. Secure firmly, but do not overtighten.
7) Connect the batteries via the wire connectors to the board (location J4) with the wires facing towards the battery packs.

8) Replace the lid. Do not overtighten.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT leave the Battery Power Supply unit (BPS) plugged into the Phonomena while the BPS wall mount transformer is also unplugged. This will quickly compromise the integrity of the batteries. We suggest leaving the BPS plugged into the wall outlet at all times.



DIAGRAM 1: Interior of the Phonomena with lid removed






.DIAGRAM 2: The Phonomena Battery Replacement Kit (2 Battery Packs, 2 cable ties, 1 1/16" allen wrench)