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SuperNova Power Supply Battery Replacement...


4 Battery Packs
6 velcro straps
1/16" allen wrench
2 rubber strips for insulating batteries from chassis
Instruction sheet

You'll also need: 1 pair diagonal cutters

1) Disconnect the SuperNova Power Supply from the SuperNova (or SuperNova2). Unplug the SuperNova Power Supply from the wall.
2) Use the 1/16" allen wrench to remove the twelve screws that hold the lid in place; remove the lid.
3) Disconnect the batteries from the board, noting the direction of the red and black wires.
4) Remove the velcro battery pack straps to free the old battery packs, noting the original position of the straps. Remove the old battery packs.
5) Place the rubber strips along the bottom of the battery area (left and right side).
6) Secure two sets of two battery packs with one velcro strap across the length of the battery packs. Pair the longer wires together in one set, and the shorter wires in the other. Then secure the two-packs (one for each side) to the chassis using the remaining straps (two straps for each side) and tighten firmly.
7) Connect the batteries via the wire connectors to the board.
8) Replace the lid. Do not overtighten.
9) Reconnect the SuperNova ribbon cable to the SuperNova Power Supply. Plug the Power Supply back into the wall. Allow for an overnight charge before using.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Upon receipt of your replacement batteries , give the unit an overnight charge before use. This will insure that the batteries are fully charged and the system will perform as expected.

DIAGRAM 1: Interior of the SuperNova Power Supply with lid removed.

DIAGRAM 2: The SuperNova Battery Replacement Kit (four Battery Packs, one 1/16" allen wrench, two rubber strips, 6 velcro straps, instruction sheet)..