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Manual for the Phonomena BPS (Battery Power Supply)


The Phonomena is a versatile phonograph preamplifier that amplifies either moving-coil or moving-magnet phonograph cartridge signals up to a nominal "line level". A line level control unit (a preamplifier, line level unit or receiver) is still needed before the power amp since there is no volume control on the Phonomena.


The Phonomena uses either a wall-mount transformer fror a power supply or the optional Phonomena Battery Power Supply (BPS) unit. The unit is designed to sound best when running off of battery power and avoiding wall current. The installation of the Phonomena involves connection of the power source (either wall mount transformer or BPS unit) and the setting of the two internally programable functions for each of the two channels: GAIN and INPUT LOADING. The left and right outputs from the Phonomena must also be connected to the amplifier/receiver, as well as the left and right input jacks running from the turntable to the Phonomena's input RCA jack ports.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT leave the Battery Power Supply unit (BPS) plugged into the Phonomena if the BPS wall mount transformer is not plugged in. This will quickly compromise the integrity of the batteries. We suggest leaving the BPS plugged into the wall outlet at all times.

BATTERIES/CHARGING SYSTEM (if using the optional BPS Battery Power Supply):

1) The battery charging system may need several charging cycles before the Phonomena BPS is fully happy. Because the maximum charging time is limited by software and the batteries are so high capacity, the battery packs are actually not fully charged for several cycles. The unit will still operate perfectly, but the indicator light will not indicate a full charge for several cycles.
2) There have been instances of the battery packs coming loose during shipping. We have addressed this by adding a third battery strap to the units. If your batteries have come loose, reconnect them as per the diagram on the Battery Replacement page.
3) Batteries will eventually need to be replaced (they average about a four-year life span). See Battery Replacement for details.


With the Phonomena set at very high volumes and no record playing, there exists the possibility of a very slight hum coming from the unit. This is normal, and will not be evident under normal circumstances with a record playing at reasonable volume. It is not unusual to have a little noise in an analog-based system, especially at very loud playback levels. Most prefer this to the sterility of digital.